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spacing crops

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Services provided are:
Full Agronomy Package, working closely with clients
to achieve results.
The full agronomy package includes:

  • Regular paddock monitoring
  • Weed, pest & disease recommendations
  • Crop Nutrition Planning and Recommendations
  • Crop Rotation Planning
  • Plant Sap/Tissue Testing
  • Soil Testing
  • Herbicide Resistance Testing
  • Regular Info Sheets With Topical Information
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Client Workshops
  • Crop Walks
  • Machinery Advice and Selection
  • Trial Reports
  • Study Tour

Contract Clients:
NEWAG Consulting offers contract consulting during the year. Contract Clients requirements vary so a tailored package can be put together to suit your requirements. Some contract clients require only information flow and phone access while others also want strategic visits during the season for critical assessment of their program. Please call to discuss a package if you are interested. Please note full time clients take priority so an offer can only be made if time permits.

Newsletter Subscription:
NEWAG Consulting Also offers Newsletter Subscription to anyone who is interested in crop agronomy, No Till/Zero Till or Controlled Traffic. A monthly newsletter is published covering topical issues as well as looking at methods of improving the cropping system.
Cost of the newsletter is $200 + GST per year for electronic copies or $240 + GST for mailed copies.

Workshop/ Seminars:
Also available is speaking to groups either at workshops, crop walks or seminars on successful No-Till/Zero Till & Controlled Traffic Agronomy. An arranged fee can be discussed on request of services

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